View Full Version : upgrading the power supply on a Compuke I mean compaq ..Sorry

03-10-01, 09:14 PM
The Dog here...with a question to those that know... :( ...We're running a Compaq 5630 and have added a few items that might need more juice than the 165 Watt OEM pwr supply can give :confused: presently running 400MHZ PII,384MB Pc100 sdram, ScSi burner, 12GB Quantum EIDE HD, 36GB Seagate ScSi HD, 100
100MB Zipdrive ide,Compaq DVD CDrom, 6 case fans, and a partrige in a peartree. Anywho the present power supply isn't AT or ATX it has two separate connectors comming off the power supply 1 / has 3 / 3.3v + 3 grounds six total the second has 12... 1 / -12v .. 4 grounds ..+ 1 / 12v ..+ 3 / 5v + 1 / 5vsb (purple)+ 1 gray + 1 orange that appears to b 4.5V this one has me stumped is it supposted 2 b 5v??? well I would like to go with an atx 400watt atx by repinning to match the voltages but Eye just dunno! :confused:

03-13-01, 12:34 AM
I'd check with Compaq.Just a guess,but it sounds like a proprietary PS.You may need to buy one from them...