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03-18-01, 03:05 PM
How do I restore my Registry that I backed up before. The Registry made my speed slower so I wan't my old Registry Back.I used the command scanregw and I can't find the file to import in regedit. Thanks.

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03-18-01, 03:48 PM
Just reverse this process:
This is a must unless you the future in want to format because you did not do it, please do this. First bring up REGEDIT, type REGEDIT in your run box and hit OK.
Under Registry at the top of the box, click on that, now click on Export Registry File, a box will come up asking where you want to export it to, just put it in your C drive, then name it at the bottem of box, Registry plus date. Click on ALL at the bottom so it copies all of your registry.
Click on save.
Now if you ever get in trouble or want the old regestry back, bring REGEDIT back up and click on Registry and click on import registry file, go to your C drive and click on registry and click open, reboot and your good to go.
Anytime you add a new program, backup again, any program, back it up to the same place as the last one, it will overwrite it. If you do not backup after each new program is instaled you will not have those setting's in regestry if you have to backup for some reason.

Do nothing else in this box as it is the heart of your computer, just what it says above and no more!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)