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03-10-01, 12:37 AM
You guys and this site have been alot of help to get @home connection better. THanks Question: I saw somewhere here how to get your web browser to stop looking for the pre cached pages on the @home servers but I cant seem to locate it...Again thanks for your files,advice and help Bill

03-10-01, 07:10 AM
The best thing to do as I don't remember what you type in to get rid of proxy is to use IE browser. Go to add/remove and remove all the @home software, not jusy browser all of it. Then uncheck everything in the control panel, internet options, connection, LAN settings, nothing should be checked in here, no auto detect, no proxy. If you use @home's browser it will automattically check those boxes, but if you use IE Brower it will not. Defrag your system after deleting these items, in fact defrag every 2 days :)
You will not be able to get rid of all the @home software this way, most of it, but next time you format. do not put any of it on, all you need is computer name and domain-@home

03-10-01, 09:06 AM
Try this: Start>Run and type: regsvr32 -u ahiehelp.dll
It disables the proxy for good, if you have the @Home software installed.

03-10-01, 09:36 AM
since the person who installed the cable modem from the cable co was a contractor he statd that the @home software was terrible and he didnt install it, I guess I dont have to worry about the brower looking for the precached web pages :cool: