View Full Version : For the patches.. how do u make them go back to default???

03-17-01, 08:04 PM
for the patches in this site how do make it so that u can make all the stuff go back to normal like in cablenut, u download a patch and then install it and then all the patches u installed are out of ur registry.
are there any ways to make these patches go back to the default??
the site is: http://www.speedguide.net/Cable_modems/cable_patches.shtml
thz guys for the replies

03-17-01, 08:06 PM
Yes go to patch page this site and download and install back to default patch :)

03-17-01, 08:07 PM
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03-17-01, 08:20 PM
I got the splitter of the tech ran a direct drop from the pole - big Difference Less packet loss and better connetion, Im running Cablenut 4.0 9x fast and it is working good
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03-17-01, 08:21 PM
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03-17-01, 08:23 PM
do those patches from cablenut also work for WinME and dsl conenctions???

03-17-01, 08:29 PM
Yes he has patches for WIN me dsl & PPPoE and his will uninstall other patches before installing his, here's how:
First go to www.cablenut.com (http://www.cablenut.com) , click on software at top of page
Download 4.0 (Only users of WIN 95 and WIN ME need 4xx and 4.02 too, both files go in same folder 4.0 & 4.02)
His patch will uninstall previous patchs
Install 4.0
If you are running WIN 95 or ME then install 4.02 in same folder as 4.0
Then on desktop click on cablenut 4.0
Click on ccs files
then click on cable
Select either normal cable or fast cable (See instructions)
this will enter settings
click on save to registry at bottom, reboot or it will not work.
(NOTE) If you are running WIN 98 or SE, you need to download and install Vtcp386 for patch for 4.0 to work.
If you decide to remove Cablenut's patch, use uninstaller in Cablenut 4.0 folder on desktop. This will take you back to Windows default.
Retest and repost so I can see if patch is in

03-17-01, 08:29 PM
Death: go to www.cablenut.com (http://www.cablenut.com) and read Direction
Good luck
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03-17-01, 08:31 PM
Good Job Lobo
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