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Mr White
03-17-01, 09:25 AM
Well i have some problems here. Ive tried everything to increase my speed but nothing seems to work well. I'm getting 600-660kilobits and about 85k/sec at best. I have everything set up right and i'm even using all the tweaks for my pppoe connection. I'm using a 10/100 network card but im not even sure if i should get a better one? My ping times in online games are pretty high for dsl but im not sure if that can be help. Its usually around 130,even local servers are 100. So if there is somebody out there that can give me advice id appriciate it alot! Thanx.

03-17-01, 10:58 AM
Check out this page. http://www.dslreports.com/tools
Using this, along with Speedguide's info, has worked for me.

Mr White
03-20-01, 06:27 AM
Ok well im still having problems with setting my RWIN value. I noticed if its one way my pings are higher and im confused with all the numbers.Could somebody help me more with this please?

03-20-01, 06:34 AM
What is your RWIN set to, and what size is your CPU, take this test and post results:
1. Go to http://forums.speedguide.net/optd.shtml and click on check connection.
2. Copy all this by highlighting everything in box with mouse
(you may have to make box smaller. To copy contents of box, highlight, then hit Ctrl & c, on your keyboard, when you return to Speedguide in reply box, with cursor blinking, hit Ctrl & v, this will copy contents in box so I may look at it. Thank you.
X out your IP Address as we don't want world to know this info

Tweaking will not fix Packet Loss
Multiplayer games over UDP
Your regular ping time
Regular PC Freezes
Spike Lagg

Mr White
03-20-01, 10:40 AM
Ok Lobo thanx for reply,here is the results...

TCP options string = 020405ac01010402

MTU = 1492
MTU seems to be optimized for PPPoE... If you are not on a PPPoE connection, consider increasing your MTU to 1500 for optimal throughput.

MSS = 1452
Maximum useful data in each packet = 1452, which is equal to MSS.
MSS is optimized for PPPoE. If you are not on a PPPoE connection, consider increasing your MTU value.

Default Receive Window (RWIN) = 65535
RWIN Scaling (RFC1323) = 0 bits
Unscaled Receive Window = 65535
Note: Under Windows 9x, if you have RWIN set to any other value, and the Analyzer reports 65535 you might need to install the MS Vtcp386 fix.
For optimum performance, consider changing RWIN to a multiple of MSS.
Other values for RWIN that might work well with your current MTU/MSS:
511104 (MSS x 44 * scale factor of 8)
255552 (MSS x 44 * scale factor of 4)
127776 (MSS x 44 * scale factor of 2)
63888 (MSS x 44)

bandwidth * delay product:
Your RcvWindow limits you to: 2621.4 kbps (327.675 KBytes/s) @ 200ms
Your RcvWindow limits you to: 1048.56 kbps (131.07 KBytes/s) @ 500ms

MTU Discovery (RFC1191) = ON

Time to live left = 117 hops
TTL value is ok.

Timestamps (RFC1323) = OFF

Selective Acknowledgements (RFC2018) = ON

IP type of service field (RFC1349)= 00000000

35099 connections tested since 03-10-2001, 14:30 ET

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03-20-01, 10:47 AM
Have you changed RWIN number, which patch did you download :)

03-20-01, 11:04 PM
You either dowloaded wrong patch(We can fix)
or you have changed RWIN numer to big, the big RWIN numbers are for cable only :)

Mr White
03-20-01, 11:15 PM
Oh i c well i downloaded all the right patches for PPPoE and the RWIN is set as 255552 in it. Then i was trying others so i changed that to 65535 with drtcp and other things to c what would happen. I did the ping test and the my MTU i think is best set at 1492. So how does that set up look then?

03-20-01, 11:17 PM
Our patch set RWIN to 255552

03-20-01, 11:32 PM
What OS are you running and what size is your CPU :)

Mr White
03-20-01, 11:34 PM
So is it better for me to use 255552 with window scaling on or 63888 with it off? And what about about the other advanced options? are they best the way they are in the patch for my connection?

Mr White
03-20-01, 11:36 PM
Sorry, Win98 p2-400 128ram d-link DFE 530tx

03-20-01, 11:38 PM
Put your RWIN back to 63888, the other options are for cable, not PPPoE :)

Mr White
03-20-01, 11:45 PM
Ok ive done that :) thanx for the help
by the way is that adapter any good? or is it good enough for this?

03-20-01, 11:48 PM
The adapter is fine, do not raise that number, windows scalling pertains to cable only :)