View Full Version : Please post the patches that have improved your @home performance here!

03-08-01, 05:23 PM
If it worked for you and increased your download, upload or connectivity speed post it here! It would help me out since I'm expirencing speed issues and probably other people too


03-08-01, 05:38 PM
Number 1, if yours is not right now, reformat
2. Have you backed up registry 3. Patchs do not go on top of each other. 4. You have the best patch, ours and cablenuts are the best. 4. You cannot go above what you are capped at.
5. Your going to keep playing with your puter till it does not work at all.
6. Cablenut will have new patch out in a week or so, it will probably be better,
so if you are not getting what you are paying for, call cable people!!!!!!

03-08-01, 05:48 PM
Early in morning, not now
How do do speed test
1. The best time is early in the morning (3 AM - 6 AM)
2. Make sure defrag has been run so no files are fragmented
3. Delete Temp internet files, not while testing, but after each test. IE browser, click tools, internet options, click on delete files and no this will not harm system, just get rid of temp files
4. Go to a fast server such as www.happypuppy.com (http://www.happypuppy.com) and click on 10 demos, select a LARGE file to download (not all of it of download, just most of it, before you click cancel) this will show you how fast you are downloading, it's not going to be quick except except early in morning when not many people on net. I recommend you go to www.analogX.com (http://www.analogX.com) and download Net State live, run this while downloading as it will give you avg of your download speed.
5. Probably the most important, nothing can be running during test, no firewalls, no virus stuff, no ICQ, no AIM (some of you may have to go into BIOS to disable virus scanner, nothing running except Net Stat live
Scheduled tasks will run disk defrag, 98 & SE in Taskbar, WIN ME in control panel

Or if you wish you may go to www.testmyspeed.com (http://www.testmyspeed.com) and do one of the online tests, these vary to much for me but you may like them. Another one is at www.dslreports.com/tools (http://www.dslreports.com/tools)