View Full Version : Optimizing DSL and Dial-up on the Same Computer

03-17-01, 08:31 AM
Just installed DSL at home (Telocity) which includes software from a set-up CD. I must also use a dial-up connection at a different location. Since installing DSL, I have had trouble maintaining a connection on the dial-up and performance has slowed as well. Is it possible to optimize both of these types of connections on the same computer,

and if so how. OS is Windows 98SE.

03-17-01, 03:05 PM
Trying to under stand what your after... You dialup and connect to your DSL at home..

Or are you trying to use the Dialup and the DSL at the same time on the same box..

Did they run a new drop from the phone company or are you using a shared line..

03-17-01, 06:30 PM
I have to use a dial up connection at work through a different ISP (ATT), so I use the DSL at night and on weekends, but have to use the dial up during the day. The DSL connection seems to be working fine but I suspect the Telocity setup software optimized my computer's settings for DSL and these settings don't work very well for a dial up. The phone company installed a new phone line that is used exclusively for computers. Before the dsl was installed at home and I ran the Telocity setup software, the dial up line at work worked fine, without any problems. Now I am dropped constantly and the response time is fluky, like on an overloaded cable modem connection. Thanks for the help, I'm a rooky.