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03-08-01, 12:24 PM
This is what is does,you type an internet address,in the program,and it calulates the best MTU settings for your comp.,it's a shareware proggie called SySpeed with a trial of 7 days.

But when it has calculated your best settings,you can manually add that to your register,my MTU was set on 1500,and I changed it to 1485 (according to the program).And I got more stable download speeds,dont know if my pings on gameservers went down,gonna check that later!

O yeah....the link :) http://www.tweakfiles.com/networking/syspeed.html

Have fun kiddies :)

03-08-01, 12:34 PM
1) This is a 7 Day demo trial version.
2) Using ICMP Echo Request with variable buffer sizes it calculates your best MTU (i.e. the MTU that might give you the least fragmentation)
3) It has some sort of algorythm that will calculate your current bandwidth. I would not trust this in determining your real bandwidth as it relies on math calculations and the ICMP protocol.
4) It also tells you your MaxMTU.
5) It will calculate your RWIN based of its bandwidth algorythm.

Overall this is a clean utilitly for the tweaker who want's not to fiddle with anything in his registry he can just load this up and set optimize and it will do it for him.


I couldn't ping really much of anything. I tried stuff I could clearly ping in cmd.exe and it wouldn't take.

Since I use a UGate router with the new firmware it doesn't set my MTU/MSS accordingly because it uses ICMP. My REAL MTU is 1476 because of the UGate that limits it.

The speedguide.net tweak tester tells me all the real info :)

03-08-01, 12:36 PM
Sounds like a get rich pile of do-do to me,
how you going to change MTU without rebooting,
Oh you can change it, but it will have no affect until you reboot, so what you are really saying is type in address, let this thing do it's thing, change your MTU, reboot
No, I'll just stay where I'm at, what people won't do to make a buck, set your MTU to 7500 too :)

03-08-01, 12:36 PM
Very interesting and all,but....it works for me, downloads are more stable than before!

I believe you, and I also love your tweak :)
But I disagree with you at this point!

03-08-01, 12:55 PM
Very interesting and all,but....it works for me, downloads are more stable than before!
I believe you, and I also love your tweak
But I disagree with you at this point!

Hey I don't mind anyone can disagree with a opinion. Also a few more things:

1) The program has a fragmentation % meter if while going through its tests the meter never goes above 0% then setting your MTU to something lower would actually cause a SPEED loss because you are sending less in one packet then before.

2) Ping in games is dependant on the network you are connected to not how big your MTU, or RWIN is.

3) Most people expierence a "placebo" effect when using a tweak program designated to do something outrageous like if it says "will speed up hard drive speeds 20%" the user will use the tweak and automatically think it helped them.

03-08-01, 01:32 PM
So, in lay terms we have come to the conclusion that this is a (Fill in the blank)
See we here at Speedguide deal with the real,
not the maybe or I think, I believe Cablenut said it nice, well I don't have to be nice, I think it sux :D :D :D :D

03-11-01, 12:24 AM
And this place is for those of us trying to help people with slow download speeds for free. We dont charge $3.95 a minute to fix your problems.. These generous people come here and help people for free. FREE I say!!!!!! I don't like what the internet is turning out to be. You got money?? We got answers.. I can understand a guy wanting a little compensation for his time writing programs. But not for stuff like this. Editing the registry is easier than most people think. Just MAKE A BACKUP!!!!! People here dont come here to hear about a program they can BUY!! (damn thats alot of heres and hears). They come here for some free advice. And these guys are nice enough to GIVE away these programs that will tweak your registry. I would like to thank all of the SpeedGuide.net people for allowing us a place to share experiences and giving us little tweaking programs for free.