View Full Version : Vtcp.386 does not like my puter!!! Will the newbie gods come to my rescue?

03-16-01, 11:56 PM
OK, now that I have my cable modem up and running with the @home service, I want to get the best performance. I currently am only able to download files at 75Kbps. I have read all the documentation here and on other sites. I decide to go with Lobo's suggestion and try Cablenuts tweak prog. Lobo suggested that I update Vtcp.386 and then install the Cablenut tweak prog to get the best results. First, as I came from 56K dialup access, I decided to use the speedguide fix to remove any old dialup tweaks that may interfere with the cablenut tweaks. So I did that first. After a successful reboot (registry ok) I downloaded and installed the Vtcp.386 update. This immediately caused a BSOD concerning the vxd MSTCP blah blah blah....I was able to reboot into safe mode and then reboot normally. Of course this lead to other BSOD and so I decided to revert back to my saved Vtcp.386. After rebooting, everything went back to normal except that I couldn't get online. After some investigating, I had lost some of my network settings so I manually put them back in and I was up and running again. This got me curious enough to try it again, mainly to see if I could reproduce the problem to eliminate any other possible causes. Well after 2 attempts and getting the same exact results, I'm back at square one which is my original Vtcp.386. I'm pretty stable but still only able to download at 75Kbps. By no means am I complaining about this as I used to download at 5-7 Kbps on dialup so this is still fast for me. I'm just trying to see where the bottleneck is that is keeping from getting better performance. I'm not a math guru and I've tried to make the conversion in my head but I'm not getting it for some reason. If my cable modem has the ability through my service provider to download at 1.5Mbps, then 75Kbps is roughly half that right. There are so many numbers in so many formats that I think that I'm confusing myself. My 3com modem documentation says that it is able to download at 3Mbps. I'm lost as to what really is available downstream bandwidth versus actual usage. Is 75Kbps good or can I get more? Should I get more? Any thoughts would be most helpful!!!! :)