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02-04-01, 06:42 PM
Is there any way to get ride of that zonealarm splash screen when it turns on? it reall annoys me

02-04-01, 06:45 PM
Lord, please just be happy that it's free. My god. :mad:

02-04-01, 06:49 PM
I dont think there is any way to get rid of that splash screen.

02-04-01, 06:59 PM
The only way to get rid of the splash screen is to buy the PRO version. Thats what I did and I don't have the screen anymore. Besides it's a great program so you should get it

02-04-01, 07:23 PM
the pro ver pops up the main windwow when it starts
that anooys me! i like blackice :)

02-04-01, 07:37 PM
Ohhh well. I can live with it. If there was a way I would do it, but It doesnt matter to much. The reason I got this program was to prevent programs such as eudora from calling home and I dont think black ice does this (I was reading up at that one shields up site, the name escapes me at the moment)

02-04-01, 07:46 PM
Try this:

Go to Start\Programs\Zone Labs

Right Click on Zonealarm and select properties

Put this in for the Target:
"C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zonealarm.exe" -nosplash

02-04-01, 07:49 PM
The name of the Shields Up site is www.grc.com (http://www.grc.com)

02-05-01, 01:51 PM
Thanks, but mine is not in the startup folder in startmenu, nothing is. Everything I have is in the msconfig/start up section, what file do I find to edit these entries?

02-08-01, 08:51 PM
Just as Ken said. Access it through START>RUN or windows explorer

02-09-01, 07:56 AM
Uh, you only get those options when you start from an ICON.

If ZA doesn't start with the start menu, then you don't get an ICON and you cannot make those entries.

02-09-01, 07:10 PM
If you don't have a shortcut on the desktop, make one. Find the za program file then find the za exe file, right click, select the send to desktop(create shortcut) and then you can change the target. :D

02-10-01, 08:15 AM
Ken's statements are EXACTLY correct. We have done this hundreds of times.

You DO NOT have to have an ICON to add the -nosplash switch.

The difficult part with ZoneAlarm is that they have chosen to stick the StartUp link file in an unusual place. Ken has it correct.

To find it easily, hold down the "Windows" key on your keyboard and hit F. Type in ZoneAlarm. Hit Enter.

You will find a link file (little arrow on it) in a folder here:
C:\WINDOWS\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

That little link file is responsible for starting ZoneAlarm at StartUp. Right click on that file and select Properties.

In the Target line you will see somthing like this:


(Yours may be on Drive C:\)

Change that line to look like this:

D:\PROGRA~1\ZONEAL~1\zonealarm.exe -nosplash -nopopup

You will now have NO ZoneAlarm splash screen at StartUp. Trust me! :)

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02-10-01, 08:46 AM
Ooops, am I embarrassed.

I didn't realize those windows communists had once again changed the layout for where to find stuff.

They used to use the profiles folder for that stuff.

Thanks for the multiple repeats, until I listened.

02-10-01, 12:19 PM
My 2 cents - I agree with rmrucker. You can however - do a search (Start/Search)for "zone alarm" - this will bring up ALL the links and "EXE's" of Zone Alarm. It is very simple to look at the prperties of each EXE and link/shortcut and make sure that nosplash - nopopup entries are there. Handy if you dual boot - you don't have to reboot to the other OS to change things.

02-11-01, 02:42 AM
the -nosplash -nopopup, that does not work with windows "me", correct? if so, i could not get it to work, and i know how to follow directions :)
and the reason i do worry about is because when loading the splash sometimes a locks up my system :(

02-11-01, 06:50 AM
cornbread- I would fully expect it to work on WinME -- it is the same 9x kernel...

The key is finding the correct link. I have NEVER seen any other program stick its StartUp link in this folder. ZoneAlarm is the ONLY one. I have NO idea why they chose to put it in this weird spot.

However, if you find the correct Startup link and you add the " -nosplash" switch correctly (space before but NOT after the dash), the splash screen should not appear.

I have no WinME machine to test, but I see no reason why this would not work. Does anyone else know???

02-11-01, 08:51 AM
It works with me and ME.

02-11-01, 10:01 AM
thanks youbecha!

02-11-01, 01:51 PM
i tried the correct link? i also made sure my spacing was right. i will try again, thanks.

02-11-01, 05:09 PM

i finally got it to work, thanks! the funny thing though, i did the exact same thing as i did the last time. anyway, thanks again :D