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06-15-99, 04:52 PM
I am having problems with routing, i am haviong problems accesing many sites, i made the bgp query in the FAQ section, and in return i had a /21(according to it, is very bad, losing like 33% of the internet sites), what can i do to improve this?? Does this problem is with my ISP??? I made the same query but with my DNS address in it, and I got a /18 and with the DHCP address I got a /19. Tnx again for your help!

06-15-99, 08:06 PM
Forgive my ignorance here, but which FAQ are you referring to(URL)??

The best thing I've found is to get in touch with your ISP (@Home in my case) and calmly explain some of your problems to them. They will eventually escalate your complaint to a level that is capable of addressing it =)

If you're @Home as well, check out www.rhua.org

Good luck! =)

06-16-99, 07:47 AM
You should contact your ISP with that one, it's their problem.