View Full Version : The final solution to all uncappers!

05-26-00, 10:17 PM
Ok. you guys all want the truth on uncapping- here it is. A little program called f!uckupc. This is what started all the commotion a couple of months back... it seems rumours have spread and now this dinky little uncapper has *seemingly* metamorphisized into many more uncappers for every type of modem. Truth is, this is the only known one, plus it only worked on lancity modems- and now it is gone. The ISP's made them shut down thier site and make the program unavailable for download. This is what started the uncapping craze and this is all that is of it.

- now can we please stop littering this UBB with talk of uncapping? The answers will remain the same to all... this type of thing will not be tolerated here.

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05-26-00, 11:55 PM
Well said!

Now lets all get back to the tweaking!

05-27-00, 08:00 AM
Clap Clap thx-u John enough is enough :^)