View Full Version : Lag increase on chat server connection

06-10-99, 03:38 PM
After installing cable, my downloads and connect speeds are great. But, my lag time on chat servers have increased on average by a significant amount - sometimes up to 63 seconds! I've gone on when the server is lightly loaded and had the same BIG lags. When I use my laptop and dial-up at 33.6 my lag is only 1-2 secs. Has anybody seen this? Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix this. I checked and my ISP maxmtu is 1500 so I'm matched there.

06-10-99, 06:49 PM
lag occurs somewhere on the path between you and the chat server, so you might want to try different ones. Your dial-up ISP propably uses different backbone provider, and you would have to test different servers to see which one works better with your new ISP.