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01-03-00, 05:32 PM
I've got a little program from GRC that is called noshare.exe and all you do is double click it and hit OK and then reboot! It hides your netbios closes your ports and makes your system REALLY safe!

Try Shields up without it first.

Then after you install it Check Shields Up!

It's amazing!

Here is a direct download of it:


And there is also letshare.exe that Opens all your netbios and stuff incase you would ever want to do that for some strange reason, or to test the difference out between both.


Remeber to test your system on Shields Up before and After

Tell me if you like! :-)

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01-03-00, 05:37 PM
i tired noshare.exe because i went to shields up and it said my netbois was open so i download the program u talked about above the my icq wouldn't work so i had to download letshard.exe then it fixed the error
so i guess there is a good for letshare.exe

01-03-00, 05:44 PM
Oh and BTW I've only tested this on Win98SE since that's what I use. It works fine for me on Win98SE, ICQ works I can run an FTP Server evertying works fine for me.

I have not tested it in Win95 or Win2000 or Millenium, so I don't know if it will work or not.

That's weird that your ICQ don't work with it, ICQ works fine for me and even run an Active List on ICQ and it works without a problem, there are 103 people that connect to my ICQ Active List just fine. Hmmmmmmmm

Did you check Shields Up though after you installed noshare.exe ? It should have made your system secure.

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01-03-00, 07:06 PM
i'm runnin a proxy server should i run noshare.exe on ther server, its running win NT

01-03-00, 09:10 PM
I'm running Win98 and after I installed noshare.exe I had no prob. ICQ and everything else works fine...

01-03-00, 10:57 PM
Like I said I've only tested it in Win98se I have no idea what it will do in NT.

But if you check Shields Up before it and then After you will see how much better it protects your pc.

01-04-00, 01:19 AM
Did you Virus Scan It And If So What V Shield Did You Use? .. and you did you examine the source code of the program to see if grc put in any bugs? , and note you can do the same thing by regersty tweaks and port control manually.. let me know after you recive an atttack from BlackICE or whatever other firewall software your using

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