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06-04-99, 10:53 PM
There is almost nothing you can do on your end regarding packet loss and latency. Both are entirely dependent on your ISP and their backbone provider. The only thing you can do about packet loss is to check the coax cable going into your Cable Modem. It shouldn't be too long, and any splitters added before your Cable Modem could cause problems. Also, there might be something interfering with the signal. Try plugging the Cable modem somewhere else, removing Halogen lights that are close by... Another good approach would be to call your Cable company and have them inspect the line to your house. Beforehand, you might also try to determine where the packet loss occurs - between you and your ISP or between them and the Net.

06-04-99, 11:14 PM
Hello all,

I was hoping somebody out there would be able to help me. I am experiencing terrible amounts of packet loss on my @home connection, especially on multiplayer online gaming. Even something as simple as pinging a server times out quite often.
I suspect the problem is with digex as I have heard they are @Home's ISP backbone, and are very poor.

I have tried contacting @Home techincal support, they are not exactly brilliant, @Home is known for its raw transfer speed and not the quality and cleanliness of connection, when you start mentioning packet loss and timeouts, they start shaking their collectives heads.

I also know for a fact a lot of other @Home gamers are very frustrated by this as well.

If anyone out there can think of a recourse of action such as points of contact, registry tweaks or settings, or anything else, I would appreciate it very much!



06-19-99, 11:04 PM
I've experienced the same problem... I have yet to get TCI to admit that it's really a problem... I use the service mostly for online games and have determined that the 3rd hop out is where the problem occurs... It always adds 80-90 ms onto my ping at that point and it just goes up from there... The @home support people that I've talked to are pretty much clueless. They seem to think that if my ping is in the 200-500 range, then that should be FINE for web browsing... They don't have a clue when it comes to serious online gaming though... I'm thinking of switching back to my 256k DSL because I was always able to get pings of 30-100 with that... In the Salt Lake City area, the service is new, so I Can chalk some of it up to growing pains, but their tech support leaves something to be desired and I'm letting all my game playing friends know the problems that I've been having with the service...

The speed is nice, but the ping and 5-50% packet loss has made me a very unsatisfied customer...

I wish that I could give you some help on that, but I don't think that it's anything that you can do on your end to help with the pings... After trying almost 10 different games, I've experienced the same thing over and over again... If you have DSL in your area, I'd recommend going that route... You tend to have a lower latency connection that way, although your bandwidth will be lower as well...

Good luck!

06-22-99, 08:14 PM
i was having the same problem with my 1 way cable modem(56k modem upload, cable download)
i was PISSED!...i made endless calls to tech support, and fired off some purely EVIL e-mails to my isp (s-way.com), i threw a bunch of technical terms at them and expressed a friendship with the owner of a popular local computer store owner who s-way was in the process of setting up a contract with. Well low and behold after about a week it cleared up and a mass mail was sent to all the subscribers of s-way.com's service expressing there knowledge of a "certain speed problem" that has been cleared up due to the upgrading of the seperate isp i have to use to upload(gwi.net). they piped duel t3's into town, an upgrade they had been "contemplating" for awhile...whatever....i dunno what they did...but i know that alot of phoncalls and many e-mails of an angry nature can help ALOT...tell them that you are compeletely dissatisfide with their service, you have knowlede of how their service works and will be vocal about your situation.