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05-08-99, 12:22 AM
Does anyone know how to setup Win95 and Outlook running 2nics, one on the a corporate
Lan and the other on a cable modem for the internet. The problem is once Microsoft Outlook launches it cannot find the exchange server. The Lan connection used DHCP, and the cable modem has a static IP. The only way presently is to unplug the modem so Outlook could launch. If anyone could help it
would be much appreciated.

05-08-99, 02:43 AM
You might want to upgrade to Outlook 98 (free upgrade for 97 from MS), if you haven't done it already. Also check out the Outlook Configuration Guide at http://www.microsoft.com/office/98/outlook/documents/Config.doc . Another good source of info might be the MS Outlook Deployment Kit Documentation: http://www.microsoft.com/office/98/outlook/documents/O98DKdoc.htm .

I hope that helps.

06-05-99, 01:14 PM
What you experience is a routing problem. When your cable modem is up, your Windows station try to reach your Exchange Server (with the private corporate IP I assume) via the cable modem router. This of course will get you to no where http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif

To fix this all you need is to add an additional routing entry into your Windows routing table and here is how to do it:

For demonstration purposes, let assume that your Exchange Server IP address is (it is a private IP by the way).
Open a MS-DOS Prompt window and at the DOS prompt you type:


The above line should be in one line without new line (in case the browser wrap the text).

And here is what the above command means: If you see the IP address then send the packet directly to it instead of sending it to the cable modem router.

Hope this helps...If you need help, you can send e-mail to me at dynhost@iname.com


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