View Full Version : telneting into your cable modem?

Nate D
06-16-99, 04:51 PM
i heard it was possible to telnet into your cable modem. from there you can supposedly change settings.

is this really possible? if it is, how is it done?
i heard you can use the linux snmp tools


06-17-99, 09:29 AM
Until now, I have not seen any cable modem that has telnet feature. Plus according to the cable modem technology, this box does not need to be configured, at least by the user. Cable modem is a very "dumb" IP router, it only route IP packets and nothing else.

The cable modem Road Runner users use has a a serial port but it only for service personel and I could not find (or care to) any protocol to communicate with it.


Static Host Name for Dynamic IP address: http://www.dynhost.com

Nate D
06-17-99, 12:18 PM
im on Road Runner. Someone at my school said their friend took down the firewall on their cable modem by using some program in linux.

06-17-99, 02:00 PM
The serial port can be used to plug in an analog modem for upstream where needed... I've also heard that the CM can be configured through the serial port, however it can also get reconfigured remotely by the headend, so my guess is even if you're able to change something they'll overwrite it.

Richie Yeargle
06-22-99, 12:43 PM
Yeah from what I have heard you can,
you need to find the right cord to plug in to your modem, then use your Analog modem, Goto your HpyerTerminal, Dialup to your cable modem, Then from there you can Change your Upstream, Downstream, Ip Address.
Im in the process of doing it, if I can find the right cord, And I "think" this only works with com21 modems