View Full Version : TCI's Service

06-09-99, 04:35 PM
Man, what a lot of stuff....
My cable modem is out and has been 3 other times. This time, they will not come to fix it till June 21st...
What is the deal?
Anyone else had this problem?
Anyone know of a supervisor or any one I can call about this?
I almost makes me want to go back to AOL and 56K.
Let me know if you can help!


06-20-99, 05:57 PM
I experienced the same problem as you have before. The packs lost were terrible. There was no way to access the internet. I needed to wait 8 days till the field technician came to my house to fix the problem. This is an horrible experience to me. However, I sent an email to @Home and asked for the credits of those 8 days I did not have service. Yes, @Home issued the credit to me.

Since @Home is overwhelmed by the demand. I believe @Home should, at least, allow cutomer to access internet through its dial-up service (free, of couse!) durning this kind of situation.