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02-12-01, 12:09 PM
I just install, type in my name and away i go. only messed up once when i hit the wrong bracket :D

02-12-01, 01:01 PM
Originally posted by Martiangod:
I just install, type in my name and away i go. only messed up once when i hit the wrong bracket :D

I did the same thing.


02-12-01, 04:24 PM
I look at stats and the only other entities i have are Ctecht (Speedguide.net Team}that was my test for 1.33b and Martiangod (Speedguide.net Team} with the wrong bracket on the end, other than that everything seams good

02-12-01, 05:03 PM
Everything is on cue in my client config file. I didn't have any problems until the server went down. Now, that it's back up credits not showing up.

02-12-01, 08:44 PM
Well, I added another P3 to the array this evening. I now have 4 P3's, 1 Athlon, and 1 p233. And the results say I have completed 4 WU's in the past 24 hours. GRRRRRRR :mad: :mad: :mad:

I HAVE however fixed the problem of the console machines crediting the other guy. Now ALL console units say GMCD33 (Speedguide.net Team) Thank God... I only hope the screensaver versions are working correctly. I would imaging with 6 comps I should be averaging 60 WU's at least per 23 hours.

Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon. I hope the data isnt lost. Oh, well. At least we are helping people.

Thanks for keeping us posted Ken... If I can be of help in any other way, please let me know.



02-13-01, 08:20 AM
Well ken, knock on wood but I think everything may be okay now. I have got 28 WU's in the past 12 hours and about 12 hours ago is when I un-installed/re-installed.

Anyway here is the breakdown.

PIII 866 Win2k console
PIII 800 98se screen saver
PIII 450 NT.4 console
PIII 450 98se console
P1 233 98se console
Athlon 950 Win2k screen saver

The athlon doesnt come online till 10 this morning which means with the other comps folding my numbers look "okay" I think they could be beter though. You would probably be the best judge of that. I have not checked either screen saver machine in the past 48 hours. I will do that tonight. I may also add another pIII 450. Here is my concern. I have 4 machines running on a 168K SDSL line right now. I am concerned if I add anymore machines on that network that I may slow the network down and piss the people off and then no more folding from that location. Whats you opinion on my bandwidth concerns here. They have a good router and switch. Should I worry or add more comps? If too many comps causes a problem then I may loose all of them on the network and be yelled at! The other 2 machines are at my house so that doesnt matter. If you want I can send you the config files on all 6 machines if you think it is necessary. Please let me know your opinions... Oh- and I am still workin on the P-90s.

Thanks again
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02-13-01, 08:51 AM
Running win2k on the server, Millenium on the Laptop and 98 on the other three.
Client version 1.2 on the three 98 boxes and 1.33b on the Millenium and 2K.
only one running 24/7 is the 2K box though

All console clients
Server 450 PIII384 meg ram client 1.33b
Laptop 475 AMD 96 meg ramclient 1.33b
500 Cel 128 meg ram client 1.2
500 Cel 96 meg ram Client 1.2
350 PII 128 meg ram Client 1.2

All show identical user name but different user ID number, seem to be getting credited alright though,

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02-13-01, 11:52 PM