View Full Version : How much slower is screen saver version?

02-11-01, 07:55 PM
I have three boxes on console and two on screensaver. I am noticing a difference versus when they all were on colsole. The problem is that these comps are used by idiots and the screensaver is the only thing that keeps them from screwing up the prog.

Oh and to anyone following my situation, i CANNOT get the P-90s up yet. There driving me insane.

02-12-01, 01:14 AM
do u want that copy?

02-12-01, 09:09 AM
Well, this is what I think happened. When installing 98 and re-formatting, I enabled large disk support. This formatted the drive FAT 32. I think if I reformat and fdisk to make the disk FAT 16 and then install 98 it should work. I am gonna try that first before I bother you for the disks. I that doesnt work, then yes I will certainly need your help.

Thanks again,