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02-02-01, 10:13 PM
I did a lot of research, and wanted to provide everybody with a consolidated list of Distributed Computing sites/projects. I hope many of you find these useful.

So, here's the list I've compiled of many Distributed Computing campaigns. I hope this list helps in our interest of finding other intelligent life, curing diseases, or what ever may fit your fancy. What I've done is installed 1 of these programs on each computer I have that fitted my interest(s) most (4 clients total). This way, when those computers are on and running idle, I can contribute to the cause as well. I hope these help out!

Please update this thread often, as I'll try to myself as well. As you find more sites, please contribute your own findings as well, and I'll (if needed) re-compile a new list as needed and re-post.

I'm extremely happy to see such a dedicated team in solving the world's most difficult problems!


Many projects currently on hand.

Works on problems for biotechnology, financial and pharmacology research.

The search for intelligence beyond Earth.

Many progects, including bioinformatics, web site testing and indexing, animation and 3D rendering, financial analysis, and scientific research.

http://www.dcypher.net/ http://www.distributedscience.com/
Both have joined forces in many areas, including the Gamma Flux project. We currently offer you the opportunity to participate in the "Gamma Flux" project which helps a swedish radiation scientist in his effort to build a safer storage vessel for radioactive waste by simulating the radiation around an encapsulated radioactive source.

Dedicated in an AIDS and HIV solution in search for a cure.

Much like Entropia, they too are in search for an AIDS/HIV cure.

They have government customers such as NASA and the Defense Department as well as clients from the Fortune 500.

Dedicated to solving the protein folding problem.


I didn't compile this list to be informative. Please visit each site for detailed information to better choose which is best to suite your needs.

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