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02-20-01, 06:55 PM
Hey Ricky your so fine you blow my mind hey ricky, hey rickey......lol
Hey dude, just noticed you breached the 750 point, way to go dude...

02-20-01, 08:11 PM
Thanks Mars, I see you got your comp fixed. WooHoo 500(About damn time) I had some IceCream for you, But it melted since you took so long. :D

Cya on the other side,


02-20-01, 10:58 PM
He heh he, been havin nothin but troubles, if mine aint broke, Bell is broke, and Bell aint broke, then Stanford is broke, Christ if we can all get it together at the same time.........Look out :D
BTW, i'm startin to think my power supply is gettin weak and causin me half my probs, Hooked alternate power up to all the fans and things are cooler and processor fan which is still off the MB is about 200RPM faster, Hummmm
Think i need a 300 watt real soon.
Or a new pute, wish that was in the books right now,
Thought i was goin to swing a deal on an 866 PIII last week for my Laptop, but no dice, damn that would have been nice.
Oh well, sucks to be me..........lol

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