View Full Version : OK- what did I screw up?!?

02-20-01, 05:07 PM
Just popped 3 PC's onto folding@home- in configuration chose twwabw (Speedguide.net Team)

Ran console version on all 3, did 100 frames on each, but I see no results creditted. Did I do something wrong?

This is on all 3 PC's scrlog.txt file-

Finished Work Unit: Sending results
- Reading upto 100 8-byte entries from "project.bed": Read 100 successfully
- Reading upto 2 8-byte entries from "project.evd": Read 2 successfully
- Connecting to server (IP =
- Sent Result Block: start 0000, end 0001

02-20-01, 05:34 PM
give it a couple of hours if you havnt to show the post, after they said they sent, did theyy start counting again?
Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the server to upload the completed work, and then download a new job.
Let us know how your makin out, and we will help you get it straightened out as fast as possible
Seeing it start the next job is the only way i'm certain that it sent the finished on in

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02-20-01, 06:03 PM
Yes- on each machine it started the next job. I'll check it later.



02-21-01, 02:38 PM
Is something wrong with my setup, or in general? I've crunched a bunch of units, and still no results on the status page.

In fact, no updates at all since last night, except for a burst at 10 am.

What's up?

02-21-01, 09:21 PM
I dont know what to tell you. I am STILL only averaging 1 sometimes 2 WU's an hour with the following setup

Athlon 950 MHz Console
P3 866 MHz Console
P3 700 MHz Screen Saver
P3 450 MHz Console
P3 450 MHz Console
P1 233 Mhz Console

These comps have clean installs of version 1.34 and I have verified the proper user name on all machines. Each machine gets re-booted every few days to keep things fresh. Everytime I see the machines, they are all folding away-never just idleing or waiting for work.

I just dont get it?

I suppose if there is a problem it will get fixed and the WU's will be credited. Even if they arent, we are still helping to fight cancer and such.

Oh and all I ger are Villins...

02-22-01, 01:17 AM
twwabw I'm wondering if you started in the last couple of days if something may have happened to your reg with Stanford when the servers went down.
Another thing, what version of folding@home are you using???
Hope its not 1.33, there is a problem with that one, 1.34 seems pretty good.
Might want to uninstall from one machine, delete folder from programs folder, tehn reinstall and reregister, then see if you post with that machine, if you do then reinstall the other machines. But make sure your not using version 1.33

02-22-01, 05:50 AM
Yep- it was 1.33. In fact, on my 2000 Server machine, since last night wouldn't even start app- would start up, then immediately disconnect and shut down. I'll hunt for the 1.34.