View Full Version : Is it me or is it Folding@home?

02-07-01, 01:20 PM
I downloaded the thingy, I installed the thingy and I ran the thingy....I thought. I didn't get the gray box to enter my user id etc - just a DOS box. I did install the zipped up thingy that is supposed to make F@h run in console mode. I checked in search for posts about F@h but I'm only more confused than before. Just tell me this:
1) Is it running? (it's listed in Add/Remove)
2) Do I have to manually start it at each boot up?
3) Why doesn't F@h install and run like, for instance, Seti@home does - sooo simple even I could manage it.
4) Hurry and reply 'cause I'm sure my computer is going to be the one that figures out THE ANSWER!!
le Dunce

02-07-01, 01:32 PM
don't understand

did you download the console version or the screensaver version.
Also where did you download it from, to my knowledge both the Console and ScreenSaver versions come in .exe format.

02-07-01, 01:36 PM
Hey Bab, welcome to the wonderful world of folding......lol
You need to start the program from your start menu to get it going, if you installed 1.33b then you have the option from the start menu to have it start automaticaly on start up.
It is just running in a DOS window as you mentioned so that is normal.
As long as the DOS box is activated then the program is running. you can minimize it to the task bar. It akes a few tries as of late to connect to their server for uploading and downloading. They should have that prob fixed in a couple days. Seams all us folders are overwhelming their systems with the amount of returned data...

02-07-01, 06:41 PM
If it doesn't ask you for a name, or you see in the console screen something like
"User Name: PandeGroup" right after you start the program, then you probably downloaded the 133 version. That version came out with this bug, which was fixed in 133b. In that case there is a very simple solution:

stop the program, delete the file client.cfg in your F@H folder. Then it'll ask you again for username and settings when you start it up the next time.