View Full Version : 2nd box running

02-06-01, 11:50 PM
It's just a cel 566 @850 that I can only have for a few days but hopefully it will get me out of the bottom bracket. :p

That combined with my schmoken PII 233 and I should be at the top in no time. Well, sort of.

02-07-01, 08:28 AM
*LOL* Yeah right, hehehe. But anyway, every single unit counts. Like a Football game is won inch for inch, cancer is beaten WU by WU ;), well, sort of.


02-07-01, 10:04 AM
Right on, right on, right on. I am out of the bottom bracket and still moving up the charts, finally!

I'm trying to line up a 3rd box. Should be in the 650 range. It's an AMD he's not OCing. Maybe I can talk him into folding and OCing. ;)