View Full Version : stats page????

02-06-01, 04:39 PM
http://users.neosmart.com/hruzaden/folding/stats/speedguide-stats.html hmm stoped updating at This page is updated once an hour (30 minutes after the hour)
Last run: Tue Feb 6 12:31:40 2001 EST ( Tue Feb 6 17:31:40 2001 GMT )hmm any reason?any one know?

02-06-01, 05:15 PM
I think the server for F@home was down for awhile today maybe that had something to do with it.


02-06-01, 05:28 PM
I think it's still down. I can't return or get new work.

02-06-01, 05:55 PM
yup that could be it but it just updated so look like we should be back in buisness

02-06-01, 07:15 PM
Seems kmail (kdeinit) decided to use ALL my memory today and basically run my machine into the ground. Good product there.

Fired it back up when I got home from work. I'll make a script to kill kmail if I forget to close it in the morning. Only seems to happen when I'm not here..nice feature

The machine was swapped into oblivion at around 1:06pm. That's why the last stats were at 12:30pm


02-06-01, 07:24 PM
well thnks for the reply i noticed that something was wrong but didnt know what exactly was problem.