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02-01-01, 07:26 AM
i d/l the new version...but it's taking double the time that it use to...to do a unit...it now takes over 20hrs...does anyone else know why this has happened...tested my comp over at pc pitstop everythings fine...i have an Athlon 850 with 256 pc 133 :confused:

like the look of the new bbs...

02-01-01, 07:32 AM
Use the command line version of it instead...I had the same problem with the 3.03 version until I started using the command line...now on my t-bird 900, I can crank the wu's over in about 9 hours compared to about 35 hours for the screen saver version...

02-01-01, 07:35 AM
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02-01-01, 07:40 AM
IndyOST would you give me a how too :eek:

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02-01-01, 07:57 AM
Originally posted by Philip:
Moved to the "SpeedGuide Teams" forum...

oh and i asked you this question a few days ago in a mail...Mr i'm in charge of the seti team...it's always good to know you reply to mail...i know it's not important is it now...blah..blah..blah [/sarcasm]


02-01-01, 08:59 AM
I'm sorry I haven't replied, it wasn't intentional... It's not that you're not important, rather the fact that I get about 100 emails/day, please understand :)

02-01-01, 08:19 PM
Ken...you do have to run the 3.03 version now...i wondered if they had a reason for it running so slow....

Philip...i wouldn't want to be you...i bet you dread your inbox...i promise never to mail you again... :o

02-02-01, 11:08 PM
Hi M87,

The reason 3.03 now runs so slow is because more science is getting done, the search bandwidth of the signal is wider.

The change was also necessitated by Berkley having bandwidth problems so they killed 2 birds with one stone.