View Full Version : Consolidate this info ??

02-01-01, 07:19 AM
Have 3 Pcs. Wife & me r both in grad school, again, & both work full-time. So PCs are idle at least 20hrs/day = 60 hrs PC time /day to help.

Problem is, don't have time to go thru ALL the 'Patchwork' info on this setup.

background process
server settings
Cont + C
progress reports
etc, etc, etc.

Does someone have the time to put ALL this info on ONE page so it can be Setup w/o going thru all the patchwork info.

Am sure there r many others with good resources but have demanding time constraints.

If All this info could be consolidated for a 'Printout', I would be able to setup on all my PCs.

If this happens, I will hook-up. Many others would most likely do the same.

I will be watching for a complete, 'detailed' setup page.