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02-20-01, 01:05 PM
How many computers do you have folding?
Your certainly crunching faster then this computer is or are you just a lucky guy and managed to find some Beta Hairpins to do?

Just curious-I tried to catch up with ya but your leaving me in the dirt! :D

02-20-01, 01:20 PM
Just one computer

02-20-01, 06:56 PM
Originally posted by Brent:
Just one computer

Wanna trade for a while? hehe :D

02-21-01, 01:11 PM
Well it's blowing me out of the race, that's for sure! Of course, I can't think of this as a race because I have 2 boys still living here at home. Between them and the electric bills, I can only run for limited periods of time. (Of course it helps when the servers are up and running too!)

I just had to ask. The way that thing is crunching, I expected to see some real beast doing the job! :p

02-21-01, 11:57 PM

I dunno why its' burning units so fast, it does the same thing for SETI also

The specs aren't that fast, i mean it's NOT a really fast machine yet it EATS up Folding and SETI!

It's a:

P3 Katmai @ 560Mhz
384MB SDRAM at Cas3
Win2k Server