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02-20-01, 12:33 AM
Saw this posted over at our friends' DSLR Site.

Jema, over at Team Picard, has come up with a new stats monitoring program -- Borg Utilities. I have used it to keep track of Genome stats & am pretty impressed. She gave me permission to post a link to her Borg Utilities site so that y'all can check these out (there are setups for Seti, Folding and Genome). Be sure to let her know any bugs, etc.

Here is the link: Borg Utilities (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jemamaje/borg/)

02-20-01, 07:28 AM
If anyone cares to try the utils I will try and keep an eye on your BB and answer questions. Or you can always post over at the Team Picard board, we don't bite :)



02-20-01, 07:45 AM
Thanks Jema. I hope to have time this weekend to try it out.