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wĄcKeD oŃe
02-19-01, 05:32 PM
:confused: How can I get around the proxy server? I have a comp at work I can use, but we have to use a proxy server. I have tried setting up to use a firewall, but that doesn't work. Any help greatly appreciated.

02-19-01, 08:11 PM
i'm goin through proxyfor four machines, but the proxyserver i have has a transparent poxy. I do get to see the port when one of my machines sends so i will write it down for you next time and let you know the port number, i think it is 1101 but not certain, wait till i confirm for you, then a port will have to be mapped on the proxy server.
I'll post when i confirm the port for you

wĄcKeD oŃe
02-24-01, 01:00 PM
I appreciate any help given on this matter. I just want to start another system running so I can fold more. I also may be getting another job and I will be running 90 workstations and 4 servers. Oh the carnage of folding I could produce! HAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh)

02-24-01, 04:22 PM
You do that and you will break the Stanford servers with all that info in no time....lol

Like they don't have enough trouble now :)