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02-19-01, 03:59 AM
Just saw this on the Official Folding Forum board:

Hi all,

Just wanted to let everybody know that Dyyryath and hanser have
posted new versions of Genome Voyeur and Folding Voyeur (Used to be
called Molecular Voyeur). www.zerothelement.com (http://www.zerothelement.com) (on the "hosted projects" page) www.xhanser.com (http://www.xhanser.com)

I've added several new things I think you will like:
- Minimize to SysTray support
- You can Hide/Unhide the F@H... and G@H... client windows.
- Added a new progress bar to track approx. "frame" and "sequence"
times, not just total WU times.

Be sure to read the "ReadMe" files. Also, you'll want to get the full
installs, even if you're running older versions, since there's a new
OCX necessary that wasn't needed before

I hope you all enjoy.
As always, Feel free to e-mail me with Bug Reports and Enhancement



02-19-01, 03:31 PM
works pretty cool DIDs, thanx
Add it and folding to the start menu and it is pretty good.
Dont hide the Console in NT 4 though, but it still works.
Works real good on the 98 machines.
Now if they could intigrate them together that would be cool.
he should be able to have it execute the folding EXE and make it seamless dont you think?