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02-18-01, 04:42 PM
I installed watchcat at the recomendation of many here on Speedguide. However there is one problem. The people using my remote machines keep re-booting. I am aware of Foldings registry entry that automaically starts folding upon startup, however the users just close the application.

Is there a way to configure Watchcat to capture the application and protect it on startup? Currently I have 3 machines that have watchcat and folding start upon re-boot, however I cant get watchcat to hide the app after it starts.

Any help. We keep loosing WU's everytime these machines are re-booted.


02-18-01, 05:46 PM
Hey gmcd33,

I found this on Yahoo. It's the folding forum
See if you can use this but read the Warning


Subject: New versions of Genome Voyeur and Folding Voyeur!

Hi all,

Just wanted to let everybody know that Dyyryath and hanser have
posted new versions of Genome Voyeur and Folding Voyeur (Used to be
called Molecular Voyeur). www.zerothelement.com (http://www.zerothelement.com) (on the "hosted projects" page) www.xhanser.com (http://www.xhanser.com)

I've added several new things I think you will like:
- Minimize to SysTray support
- You can Hide/Unhide the F@H... and G@H... client windows.
- Added a new progress bar to track approx. "frame" and "sequence"
times, not just total WU times.

Be sure to read the "ReadMe" files. Also, you'll want to get the full
installs, even if you're running older versions, since there's a new
OCX necessary that wasn't needed before

I hope you all enjoy.
As always, Feel free to e-mail me with Bug Reports and Enhancement


PS - I know that G.V. is crashing at the end of each WU. It reads
the "output.seq" file, but this file get deleted and recreated after
each WU. I could fix this, but Stefan is working on the G@H... client to
possibly create a log file like F@H... uses. This will solve this issue,
AND allow me to add some other cool support.... Stay tuned...

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