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02-16-01, 04:59 PM
A week ago 30 day outlook put us in 6th place now 30 day outlook is 13th, hummm quite a slide, oh, by the way, one more team in the distance that is outproducing us down in 34th spot, Railbait.
Keep up the folding guys and gals :rolleyes:

02-17-01, 02:41 AM
dont know, we have quite a few signed up, but many not running it???
probably bout 65 if you take out the error setups

02-17-01, 07:19 AM
I don't think many peeps understand, that their computer wont be effected by folding. Lets spread the word.


02-18-01, 12:14 PM
Than move these messages to the cable forums!! :)

Too bad I'm still getting villins!!

02-19-01, 12:34 AM
Hey guys I am folding but having problems I was in 15th but have slid to 19th and my program is still running just it doesnt seem to report the new folds. I am stuck at 213 help please