View Full Version : Ack! Sabotage!!!

02-16-01, 10:50 AM
RR did "routine maintance" over night and I think I got a new IP address. So my computer was unable to access the internet for a couple of hours. I just noticed this now and looked at my stats and my 24 hour total just keeps dropping and I have not completed a unit in the last 3 hours at least!!! I am gonna go home at lunch and reboot and get my machines folding again! Conspiracy against us folders by RR? hmmmm something to think about...

02-16-01, 02:50 PM
Alrighty, both machines back up and olding again...First time in over a year My IP changed.

02-16-01, 11:29 PM
:eek: :eek: ROFL :eek: :eek: