View Full Version : were in 18th soon to be 19th place

02-16-01, 09:50 AM
well oc'rs just took us out, figure previa should have us in an hour or two. Looks like were 19th by the end of the day
BTW, both these teams are doin 600plus a day, yikes

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02-16-01, 09:56 AM
i planning on overclocking my 800 t-bird this weekend to hopefully the 950 range. Depends on whats stable. I have good memory so shouldn't be too much of a problem. I also may bring an old laptop home from work and jsut dedicate it to folding. Lets just see how many units a 233 laptop can fold in a day :) Anyway, all my comps (2 currently) are under Andeeb (Speedguide.net Team) hanging in there for now. If I could just quit playing UT for a while mine would crank out more :)

02-16-01, 10:21 AM
No no, dont do that, UT is a permitted excuse..lol