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02-15-01, 12:04 PM
I'm right along with you on this and I'm upset too, but what can we do about it. Even if we only do a couple units or one unit, it doesn't matter. We have completed that unit!

Your probably doing Villin and that's all that I've had for 6 days straight now. Each unit take my computer about 2hr and 45 minutes to complete and I'm falling statistically on the board. Oh well. Can't help that! I can only run folding for around 6 to 8 hours a day, but I'm doing what I can.
Hang in there, we'll get a break sometime, just don't know when. :rolleyes:

02-15-01, 12:09 PM
I have 6 comps folding and only getting a little over 1 per hour. Of the 6, three are PIII's 450-866 MHZ and there is an athlon at 950Mhz.

I would hate to see what I would have if I only had one comp running.

02-15-01, 12:49 PM
Man, It was so cool a week ago. I was pumping out 5/hr. Now I know why they call them villins, the name fits. They steal my cpu and give me nothing for it. :mad:


02-15-01, 01:12 PM
Damn! 5 per hour must be sweet. My best is about 2.5 per hour.

02-15-01, 04:37 PM
Originally posted by gmcd33:
I would hate to see what I would have if I only had one comp running.

This describes me! A one and only one a trying to do some good for all of us.

02-15-01, 11:54 PM
I have three computers running 1.33, and I am only folding 0-1 units/hr. WTF is with that? (Just venting :mad: :mad::mad :)

Any Comments?