View Full Version : Just got second comp folding today- RAM question

02-05-01, 06:31 PM
I built a Pentium 233 out of some old spare boxes of crap and its my new dedicated folding machine. No keyboard/mouse/etc- it just sits there and folds!! hehe.

I also got my P3 866 folding away as well 24/7. My questions are: The p3 has 256MB RAM and the P233 has 32MB RAM. What kinda performance gain will I see folding when I upgrade the P3 to 384MB and the P233 to 128?

I ordered the memory today. I would like to get myself out of last place as well as help the Speedsguide team. I should also have a 950 MHz Athlon online soon as well.

I also found a guy with cancer who wants to dontat a bunch of p100's and a linksis switch! I hope this doesnt kill my surfing speed having all these comps on one cable connection.

So what kinda difference will the RAM make? :eek:

Peace to da foldin hommies.

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02-06-01, 06:52 PM
I just added my friends 950 MHz Athlon that I built him. That bad boy will be up n runnin for a while. I also got 2 P90's witn win 95 on them. Just unloaded them from my car. I got them for free so I dont know what the deal is with them yet.

So we got the P3 866 Athlon 950 P233 and 2P90's they'll be chiggin along starting tomorrow! HEHE

Speedguide MUST rise to the top. I am getting my friends 700 MHz laptop for use on weekends as well but I need to get a hub first.

Come on Speedguild, lets bury the competition ( in a friendly way ) hehe

02-06-01, 11:31 PM
You should see a big difference on the P233 and not so much on the others.But every bit helps. Keep up the good work....