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02-14-01, 06:36 PM
I have it and I'm running it . . . but what really is the purpose, to help cure cancer??

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02-14-01, 06:49 PM
Cancer and many others, if they can figure out the gene sequence then many inherent diseases could be cured.
Reasons to run...
Son, congenital heart disease
Wife, MS
Step Daughter Lukemia
Father, died Cancer
the list goes on, thems my reasons anyhow.

02-15-01, 06:21 AM
I was just asked via email what folding is about, so I can just copy & paste my reply here....


Anyhow, one of the most important building blocks of the human body are the proteins. They come in thousands of shapes, but all start out in a so-called unfolded state. Then, in order to do their job, they fold, within the fraction of a second, they change their shapes and fuction. Now why and how proteins fold is what the scientists are after, because they believe that if they can understand how proteins fold, they can find a cure to many diseases, which are caused by misfolded proteins (for example Alzheimer, BSE (Mad cow disease), some forms of cancer, etc.). However, the calculations needed to simulate this folding process are extremely demanding in terms of computational power. That is the point where we all can help. You can download and install the client program from their website (you can find a link on the webpage that my Speedguide signature links to). This program will use all the idle cycles of your computer, which means that whenever your CPU is not doing anything, it will fold proteins. Because of this setup, you will not notice any slowdowns doing something else while folding is running, as it will only use the unused CPU power.

I hope this was understandable enough, if you have further questions, feel free to ask me or everybody else from the Speedguide F@H Team.