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02-14-01, 05:59 PM
Damn, I thought I would leave you in the dust. You just don't give up do you.


02-14-01, 06:42 PM
yea, I'm not quitter :D, I would have still been ahead, but my thing has messed up, I hope its just a software problem, but every time I open it, the program will close after 3 seconds

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02-16-01, 09:52 AM
Hey I had the same problem with the program closing after about 3 seconds on my 800 T-bird machine running Win ME. Luckily a rebot took care of it for me.

02-17-01, 08:24 PM
Originally posted by Ken:
I had the same problem with it quitting after 3 seconds. The problem started after moved the old client.cfg file into the new folder, AFTER I had started the program.

I explained this in helpful hint thread.

If you have a problem with keeping your old user ID upon upgrading, then you need to move the old folding @ home folder from program files, After you uninstall it.
Then download the new version and let it install, but DO NOT start the program. First delete the new client.cfg file, then bring your old client .cfg file and put it in your new folding @ home folder. Then start the program and you will have your old user ID and will be running the updated program....

thanks ken, next time they make me upgrade, I'll remember that.