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02-14-01, 03:27 PM
Don' know if you guys have noticed, but the price of good quality RAM is falling faster than the NASDAQ.

I just picked up 256 MB of RAM from Crucial for $90 delivered (133, CAS=2)

go to crucial (http://www.crucial.com/webpromo) and take a look.

the question is, will this help me fold faster ?? if nothing else at least i can leave the folding program running while I play Unreal...before adding the RAM it would slow down the game too much.

02-14-01, 04:08 PM
Not sure if the ramwill helpmuch, the program takes zero priority asfar as i can tell so it lets everything else go first. Processor speed seems to be the biggy.
Ive got a 450PIII 384 megs
475 amdlaptop96 megs
500 cel 128 megs
500 cel 96 megs
350 PII 128 megs.
the lap is producing better now i formatted and put ME on, got rid of all the Compaq S**t. the 450 is a workhorse, doin a tonn of stuff as it folds, the 500 cels seem to do pretty good, but the 350 PII does not run all the time, i really notice a difference in my WU's when i remember to go up and turn it on when he is at school.
But even with all this I do see the guys with the 800's and up really seem to bang out the numbers.

02-14-01, 04:20 PM
Martiangod how long does it take your PII 350 to do a betahairpin? My PII 233 @300 does them in about 1h 26m. It only has 64mb of RAM.

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02-14-01, 05:45 PM
I dont pay that close attention to individual boxes,guess if i registered them all under different names i could keep track, but i do notice on the totals when its runnin. Always did like that PII. I really think intel got the math right in the 350 PII.
And everyone i know who had a 350 seems to feel the same way, that it was kind of a milestone proccessor. Dont think i will get rid of that one for awhile yet.