View Full Version : 133b, up and running

02-05-01, 12:41 PM
Well, I just put it on my work comp. It would be nice if it continued off my old account, but if it don't oh well a unit is a unit.


02-05-01, 12:53 PM
I just installed under dif name to make sure that there were no bugs like 1.33.
If you entered everything as your old user name should be ok. Have all other putes under one name, and going to reinstall this one tonight once i know its clean. I think this version is faster though, unless i'm getting wimpy WU's... :cool:

02-05-01, 11:53 PM
got 1.33b up and running bout 6.30 this morning under the name Ctecht (Speedguide.net Team)
11241 Ctecht (Speedguide.net Team) 5 0 1
Done 5 units since 6.30 this morning.
Seems faster than 1.2???
Install went good, have to put user name in twice, once during settup and one on first run, credits are comeing in so I guess its working OK.
Couple new features such as autostart
Running on 450 PIII, 448mgs Ram, with WinMill. Dont think it was crunching this fast with either 2k or 98...