View Full Version : Congratulations To Philip!

02-14-01, 12:44 AM
Congratulations To Philip! Our first 1000+ unit folder. Just noticed the stats a few minutes ago.

02-14-01, 03:01 AM
Definitely, much props to you. I'll never get there. That's rarefied air at 1,000.

02-14-01, 11:24 PM
Thanks guys, just trying to do my part.

02-14-01, 11:27 PM
Coo Philip.
I'm peddling as fast as i can but i just cant seem to keep up........lol
I did break 400 though :)

I'd get a box to run ya down
But alas the kids do need to eat, darn huh? :D

02-15-01, 06:25 AM
Y'all just wait until I'm a billionaire, then I'll get 100 dual Xeon machines, hooked up on a T3... Then we'll seriously challenge Ars Technica *LOL*.

02-15-01, 12:12 PM
How many comps/what speed are you using?

I have 6 comps running 24/7 and am getting nowhere.


02-15-01, 04:45 PM
Just one, Athlon T-Bird running@ 1.2 GHz, 256 PC150 RAM. I have another 650MHz box folding from time to time, but I'm down to one for the time being.