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02-13-01, 08:44 PM
Hopefully its o.k. to ask a S.E.T.I. question here....

I have been running the screensaver for about 60 hours of CPU time so far and I have not had any results posted to the stats page as of yet. It still says zero CPU time. Can anybody tell me what I'm missing.

p.s. I fold too

02-13-01, 11:03 PM
The newer version of the SETI program takes forever. I had one unit that took me over 120 hours to complete. I run SETI and Folding 24/7. You can see how much of the work unit you have completed by looking at the red bar on the screensaver.

02-14-01, 12:13 PM

Thanks for the reply, I will just have to be patient!

02-15-01, 02:55 PM
Once you complete a unit it might take a couple of days for it to get posted on the stats page as well...

BTW, we just passed 10,000 units, over 16 years of CPU time !!!