View Full Version : Loose one before we gain

02-13-01, 08:13 PM
I have a fealing we are going to loose a place before we gain another one16 GreenKeen 12107 976 2
17 Speedguide.net Team 10391 684 2
18 HotNutz.com 9371 893 2
19 Fesse 8937 583 2
20 Overclockers-Network 8921 757 2
Overclockers are at the back door and ready to pass us....

:confused: :confused:

02-13-01, 08:52 PM
Hey Martian? How many comps you runnin?
How many more comps to you think we need to compete with overclockers?

02-13-01, 10:37 PM
I signed up yesterday just for the fun of it. Sounded like it could be fun. I have 2 machines but they are not on 24/7. My Ghz machine does fairly well for the time it is on though. I was going to hook up a lot of the machines at work but alas the firewall is blocking any outgoing traffic on ports other than 80. So until we can re-configure for a new port I can't use them. Too bad I have a room full of software developers with 850Mhz machines.

02-14-01, 12:44 AM
Im runnin two 24/7 and the other three about 12/5, hard to keep the kidsfrom shuttin them down.
Need Mo power....lol

02-14-01, 03:19 AM
I will add a second computer in a few days soon as i get the OS installed on it and a hub. its only a 200Mhz pentium but 2 folding is better then 1.

02-14-01, 06:45 AM
i give ya guys 48 hrs. :D

Arrrrrrrrr matey, this is the opening salvo :p

don't worry, we won't maim you... the only ones we truly have a death wish for are those KWSN folks (don't get me started :D)

we'll just take the usual, your property, women, and jewels!

02-14-01, 07:24 AM
If i give you directions could you make my wife the first one? :D :D

02-14-01, 07:29 AM
he said women... :p


02-14-01, 07:32 AM
thanks for stopping by Machupo.
Nowdoesanyone think that felt like the kiss of death.............lol