View Full Version : is folding version 1.33b slow or is it me??

02-13-01, 03:54 AM
well just dumped version 1.2 and installed 1.33b, but ít seems like it's really really slow it's been busy 1.5 hours and is only at 45%

the 1.2 version finished 100 frames in about 2 hours....

02-13-01, 06:02 AM
Just depends on the folding job your assigned. I've been folding "Villin" since the server went down last week and each one takes about 2hrs 45min for my computer. Now, some of those had errors and didn't post and were redone, hence my really pitiful existence on the stats page! If you should be lucky enough to get "beta hairpins" I was cranking them out at a rate of 100 frames every 23 minutes! Would you happen to know what protein they have you folding now? If not, open your scrlog in the folding folder and see which one (s) they have you working on. :p

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02-13-01, 06:53 AM
yep it's villin