View Full Version : folding on win98 SE

02-13-01, 12:54 AM
has anyone had any probs, i'm running it on win2k without any probs but can't seem to get it running on 98SE

02-13-01, 01:06 AM
I haven't had any problems running it on W98SE.

What exactly is the problem your having?

02-13-01, 01:18 AM
well it keeps hanging in the part where it runs the tests

for the 98SE pc i'm using ZA pro as a firewall, nothing else that's special about the setup.

02-13-01, 01:35 AM
Are you using version 1.33b? ZoneAlarm shouldn't be causing a problem like that. I am not sure what could cause that.

02-13-01, 01:45 AM
i'm still using the 1.2 version

02-13-01, 03:24 AM
i used both on win98SE without a hitch other then getting my username right for credit when i upgraded

02-13-01, 06:29 AM
stupid thing is that the screensaver does work...