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04-27-00, 10:06 AM
The very first time I set up a LAN I had two computers, and bought the Linksys Fast Network In a Box. The ICS sucks, but I thought oh what the hell. So I installed the thing perfectly and when it came time for me and my friend on the other computer to play some starcraft...
1)We couldn't play through IPX and
2)We couldn't play through battle.net

Both computers could connect to the internet just fine but we had problems playing games online.


This time, I'm going to use two 10/100 nic cards with a crossover cable and Wingate as my ICS...
1)I have no clue how to use Wingate
2)I'm hoping it will work this time

Please help,

04-27-00, 10:12 AM
Install IPX/SPX protocol or simply use the TCP/IP.


04-27-00, 10:23 AM
I did all that.

04-27-00, 06:57 PM
I assume you have a hub and the DSL modem is connected via x-over network. Have you tried removing the modem from the hub and use one of the pc as a gateway?

04-27-00, 09:32 PM
The FIRST time I had a hub and used this computer as the gateway...this time I'm using this computer as a gateway but connecting via crossover cables.