View Full Version : Linnksys/Cable/FTP=Headache 2

04-25-00, 03:33 PM
Hi, hope someone can help or at least confirm this problem.
1. 2 pc's both run fine thru the router.
2. specific IP's, DHCP disabled, @home
3. FTP on one machine, tried both forwarding
FTP port & DMZ mode.
4. "THE PROBLEM" many ppl reporting crc errors from downloads (using WinSFV.32 to verify files), ranging from 5% of the files
up to 100% with one user (also a @home user)
Strange part is the downstream has not been effected.
5. Other tidbits: confirmed with the guy thats getting 100% errors that it is the router by going back to a direct cable connection and testing files = no problems, same files. Also i am using the latest firmware 1.22.

Other than this MAJOR problem i think the router kicksass.
Thanks for your help in advance,

Square Duck
04-27-00, 07:57 PM
I had some problems configuring a similar setup, though not the same ones.

I'm using 2 10/100 cards, and I found that after locking *BOTH* cards to 100MB/FD that the system was ALOT more stable. I was also originally using a non-standard port, I switched this back to port 21. I haven't confirmed that this had any positive affect, the system has been running for a few weeks now without a hitch.

I read where some of the routers are having some real problems with the transfers... (corrupt and so on). Contact Linksys and spell out the situation for them, apparently you should be able to get a replacement unit. Though apparently the tech support is hell to deal with. Good luck.