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01-24-00, 01:23 AM
I know I have to but a second IP address from my ISP. But other than that what do I need to do. Im guessing all I need is another hub and of course the smart Mac people equip all macs with ethernet cards. So I guess I need a hub and another cable right?

01-24-00, 03:07 AM
To network mac and pc on your dsl line, all you need is an ethernet card for your pc and one hub. The hub doesn't care whether you have a mac or pc. You will also need a cat5 cable to run from your pc to your hub. To access files from one computer to another you will have to install the Apple Talk protocol on your pc. If your pc will be running Win98se you will not have to buy a second IP address from your ISP. All you have to do is implement Internet Connection Sharing with Win98se. There are some other issues you may need. You can e-mail me at john@jbsd.net if you need further help.

The boss
01-16-18, 04:22 AM
How too change plss help me

01-16-18, 11:02 AM
Change what?

Connecting multiple clients depends on your modem. Most modern modems also incorporate a NAT router, allowing for multiple clients to connect by simply using the modem built-in switch, or connecting a switch to the modem.